Finance: The Lifeblood of Biomedical Innovation

Our mission at QLS is to apply the tools of financial engineering—portfolio theory, securitization, risk analytics, and other techniques—to foster biomedical innovation and get transformative therapies to patients faster.

Founded in 2019 in Kendall Square, Massachusetts, QLS is a research-driven advisory firm dedicated to providing drug and device developers, investors, and other healthcare stakeholders with state-of-the-art decision tools for allocating capital to portfolios of biopharma assets.

We apply machine learning to predict clinical trial outcomes, provide quantitative portfolio construction tools to help our clients optimize risk-adjusted returns, and develop bespoke financing solutions for companies, big and small.

Our risk management and capital allocation strategies are all based on cutting-edge peer-reviewed analytics, with the ultimate goal of transforming the way finance is used to address some of society’s biggest healthcare challenges.

“With a background in biomedical engineering and signal processing, I entered graduate school thinking I’d be working on medical device technology, but realized that by applying my quantitative training to biomedical asset management, I could have a positive impact on hundreds of biotech startups. Healthcare finance isn’t just a profession for me; it’s a mission.”

Shomesh E. Chaudhuri

Co-founder, QLS

“It was from helping friends and family deal with cancer and other diseases that I became interested in healthcare. Through their experiences, I realized that finance plays a critical role—sometimes too big a role—in drug development. What do interest rates, stock market volatility, and Fed policy have to do with whether you should treat cancer via angiogenesis inhibitors, immunotherapy, or radiation? Nothing. Yet these factors often drive a biopharma company’s scientific agenda. Shouldn’t the science be driving the financing instead of the other way around? This is what QLS is all about.”

Andrew W. Lo

Co-founder, QLS

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